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It was early morning. A lone figure stood in the middle of an abandoned warehouse, illuminated by the moonlight shining through the holes in the roof. He was soon joined by four other figures. Two of them had their arms tied behind them.

Jamal began walking around them shaking his head. "You couldn't even capture a small woman.No wonder she calls you Abdul and Costello, she thinks you're a joke." Jamal started screaming and losing self control. "That means she thinks I'm a joke too.That I cannot tolerate. I'll have to make an example of both of you."

The two men begged for their lives, with no affect on Jamal. Soon another figure came towards them from the shadows. It was a woman. As she approached, they recognized the long black hair, the muscular build, the weapons she carried. It was Zammatra.

She started taunting them. "I hear you two big strong men couldn't handle a little lowly female." She ordered them untied. " Put your hands in your pockets." They did as they were instructed. Zammatra had two leather pouched on a belt around her waste. A handle protruded from each pouch. Zammatra had a hand on each weapon. "Do you know what happens when you become useless to us?"

Both men began shaking in fear. "We can do better, we promise." They begged.

Zammatra kissed Abdul on the cheek and whispered, "You'll do us more good as example." She was so fast Abdul never saw it coming. She drew her weapons and drove the rods through his hands and into his thighs. She then pressed the button on top of the grip, releasing the rods. She drove the rods about four inches into his thighs, leaving two inches still exposed He tried to pull them out of his thighs but the pockets of the trousers were to tight and he couldn't get his hands out.

Costello was terrified. Zammatra walked over to him and asked, "Do you think he can swim like that?" Costello tried to break free but with no success. Suddenly, he felt the rods going through his hands andinto his thighs. "I bet you're going to find out for yourself." She said.

Jamal gave the order. "Take them to the river and get rid of them." He walked over to Zammatra and put his hand on her shoulder and said, "That's my girl, you always know the right thing to do in ant situation, don't you?" Zammatra nodded and walked away. Jamal yelled at her, "Where are you going?"

Zammatra kept on walking. "Around." She said without looking back.

Jamal didn't understand her ignoring him and it made him angry. "Come back here, I said, come back here!" Zammatra kept on walking. "I'll deal with you later." Jamal screamed at her.

Zammatra wanted to see America without Jamal around. He was always damning everything and everybody. She could never except Jamal told her about American people.

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