You just don’t know a Song about Abortion an Abortion Song your Baby is a Precious Gift

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"You just don't know a Song about Abortion an Abortion Song your Baby is a Precious Gift"
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                             YOU JUST DON'T KNOW

You just don't know who you are carrying.

It could be a princess, prince, king, lawyer, doctor, or  a person who will make you proud

It could be a great celebrity or sports star inside you.

So don't abort it in your haste here and now.

    It's a gift- the child inside of you.

   It's a gift- he's or she is coming to make you proud.

  And even if that doesn't really happen immediately.

  It's your child that  you are carrying right now. 

You just don't know what that child will do for you.

He or she will surely make you laugh, cry, and a better person be.

Children are precious gifts from the Creator.

And your child is meant to be. 

   So don't abort it- i'ts precious

   That child inside of you.

   He or she bears your resemblence

   Every bit a part of you. 

You wouldn't cut off your finger, leg or toe.

Oh, no, it would hurt and you'd come up lacking.

So don't abort this child, just believe things will be alright

And they will- and you'll be a stronger, better being.

Because your child inside of you will help you grow.

Do not abort it- it could bring  you everything. 

    You Just Don't Know!

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