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A wise woman is smart in all her ways. She rises early to take care of her family.

She knows that her worth does not come from what she has to offer, but who she is.

A wise woman heeds the warning signs that life gives us. She happens to life, not allowing life to happen to her.

She knows she is a woman with her own stance, not defined by life or what ever comes her way.

 She's wise, smart, intelligent, and does not move in haste. She builds her house and ministers to her man. Ah yeah, the wise woman, she  wears many hats. She is loving, she is a mother, she is a sister, she is a daughter, she is a wife, she is God's chosen vessel, she is a visionary, she brings life, she is nurturing, she is zealous. But don't get her wrong, don't get it twisted. She is able to ride through life's storms and come out on top. She is extraordinary in all her gifts. She rises above storms that you never knew she had. She thrives beyond measure, and just when you think you have seen her at her best or worst she looks to the hills from which cometh her help. She knows that today is not her last day, and that the best is still yet to come. A wise woman knows she is not defined by her warfare, but by her victory. She realizes trials come to make her strong. It's part of the process in the masters plan. So she is thankful for the experiences, some good, many painful, but all have come to shape and mold her into the wise woman she has come to be. Ask me how I know this woman. I am who she has come to be.

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