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"What is the Meaning for Richer or Poorer"
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For richer or poorer....These famous words are heard when a couple gets married by their priest or whomever is performing the service.  What do they really mean?  Have you ever stopped to consider how powerful these words are?  Many people in our society obviously haven't, because the divorce rate is through the roof!

Marriage is no picnic, and anyone that tells you different is living in the land of Oz.  There are so many trials and tribulations that come with being married, it almost seems like every day there is a new challenge.  But guess what?  It is precisely these tests that make a marriage stronger.  Divorce was very rare even fifty years ago, and usually only practiced by Hollywood celebrities.  When a couple got married, it was for "better or worse, in sickness and in health, for rich or poorer".  It seems like in our present society, any little problem that comes along, people are reaching for the phone to call their divorce lawyer.  Well, it's not supposed to be that way.

From personal experience, my wife and I have faced so many issues that I thought our marriage was going to implode at any minute!  Oh yes, we've both thought from time to time that it would be so much easier to just end it and go our separate ways, yet somehow after twenty-three years we're still together.  Why is this, and why do we fall into the "other" fifty percent category of marriages that work?  I've often thought about this, and I think it comes down to something other than love.  Of course, we love each other, but though love is a strong glue to hold marriages together, it isn't the only thing.  There is something undefinable that is even stronger, and maybe it is called commitment.

For richer or poorer means exactly what it says.  Just because a couple runs into a financial pitfall, is that a reason to part?  And money is no cure-all either, as there are many couples who have struck it very rich and soon enough they split.  Either one of them begins cheating on the other, or the presence of all this extra money skews the scope of the marriage to the point where one gets a taste of the "good" life and leaves the other.  Whatever it is, being rich or being poor is just another one of life's obstacles.

When a couple gets married, what they are really demonstrating is that no matter what drawbacks stand in their way, they are going to get through it TOGETHER!  That's what it's all about, being together.  Being able to trust the other partner to be by your side when times get tough.  Being able to show the world that nothing, no matter how dreadful, is going to break the bond that you've created when you said "I do".  Yes, that's what it is all about, and nothing, no matter how powerful or dreadful, is going come between us!

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