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What is Happiness

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"What is Happiness"
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Is it real?
I feel it’s sometimes
a smile and others a tear.
Sometimes I think I’m happy,
then I figure out it’s only a feeling
I get about something expected.
In the end it’s just a body shake
or something to think about.

Is it real?
Or is it just some idea, something
we’re meant to live looking for?
I used to say it was real
and I said I was happy,
but I had never wanted anything this much.
Now I can’t say if it’s real
or a feeling about something expected.
You see I can’t decide,
then I can only ask:

Is it real?
Or is it just something
I’ll always be looking for?
Cause I don’t want to confuse it with hope,
neither I want to confuse it with joy,
or even a shy fear.

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