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Bare At Last

My first nude experience wasn't at a resort; it was on a nude beach in Hawaii. It's generally the husband who wants to experience a nude beach, more for the view than for the body freedom. In our case, I was always the more adventurous one in our marriage. When I spied a blurb about a nude beach in our Big Island tourist guide, I immediately suggested we go there.

This idea was met with resistance. I continued to suggest it. My penchant for the erotic was willing to be demanding in this instance. My reluctant spouse pointed the car in the general direction given by the guidebook.

I was titillated! I was scared! I was eager to give this a shot. The closer we got, the more my fears started to overwhelm my eagerness while, at the same time, my reluctant spouse's eagerness began to overcome his fear. The tables were shifting. I was backpedaling. All of sudden, the hotel pool seemed like a better and safer place to hang out.

Not for my reluctant spouse, however. As we drove into the dirt parking area, his excitement level had increased as I feverishly whimpered that perhaps this wasn't such a smart idea, after all. "Oh, it'll be fun, c'mon" he urged.

A half-mile of walking through trees to reach the beach gave me plenty of time to try to talk him out of it, but his feet kept up a smart pace. He was eager to get there! Then, like walking from night into day, we emerged from the trees and onto the beach.

The specter lifted. The image of beautiful naked people all standing around admiring each other vanished. My confidence and eagerness returned. This was a normal beach curving off into the distance with just a sprinkling of people, like ants, dotting the sand. No one was there staring at us, demanding we disrobe. No one gave a hoot that these two pale-skinned people from Alaska had just taken their virgin steps onto a nude beach.

The illusion of needing to be perfect was popped; the reality was completely different from what I'd always believed. Nude beaches are like any other beach; you just don't have to bring your suit. This was a place where we could be free to enjoy nature, as nature intended. It was the most comfortable and liberating day of my life. And all it required was taking a giant step through my fears.

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