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I wonder how many believe in reincarnation when it comes to our pets.
In 2003 I lost a beloved cat to cancer at the age of 7. He had a kidney removed at age 2, and the other kidney failed in the end. I was devastated, we had adopted him as a very young kitten. The day I adopted him I had stopped by the shelter and there were many cages in the large room (this was in Florida, the shelter was outdoors and beautiful). I went back later that evening and he was the only kitten left, with his legs sticking through the door, crying for me. From that day on he was my baby.
When I had to put him down it was overwhelming. I told my husband I would want another cat and he thought it best to wait.
A few months later I stopped by our local shelter (we were in a different state at this point) and they were overrun with kittens, crammed into small cages (nothing like our luxurious shelter in Florida!). They were all mewing or reaching out, but over the din I could hear a very loud purr. I went from cage to cage to see who was making the sound, and came across a tabby, almost a replica of my dead kitty, lying on his back, sound asleep, purring louder than I've ever heard a cat purr before.
I picked him up and he immediately snuggled into my hair, and of course I knew I had to have him. He was so content !
After taking him home I noticed that the birth date on the form from the shelter was 5/2/03, my kitty had died on 4/2, and I had adopted the new cat on 7/2.
From the first night he chose to sleep on my face, which was sweet but unfortunate because his mother had obviously not taught him to clean himself.
We bonded quickly and he was inseparable from me - I would literally have to hand him off to my husband just to use the restroom.
Eventually traits began to emerge that were eerily similar to my beloved kitty.
While I was lying in bed one night, new kitty jumped up on the bed with a superball. This had been the game with my first cat, he would bring me the superballs in bed and I would throw them for him to retrieve.
This new kitty would also *sing* while he used the litter box and while he ate his meals, like my first cat.
He is now 5, and still so much similar to my first cat, I am convinced that my first kitty *picked* him out for me. Cats are such mysterious creatures, and such a blessing if you let them into your life.

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