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Teach me how to Love you

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"Teach me how to Love you"
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Please my love, don't go away
I need you so much by my side.
Forgive me if I haven't pleased you;
But believe me, I have tried.

Call me coy or apprehensive,
Inexperienced, ignorant, too,
Maybe even somewhat timid,
All these things I know are true.

If you knew the reason for it
And the fear that binds my heart
You'd understand and try to help me,
Then you'd know just where to start.

Oh the pain, how to describe it;
No words could in any language.
Oh, please come and break these chains
And free my laden heart from anguish!

Please be patient, understanding,
If you'll teach me I will learn.
I can promise I will trust you,
Please don't be so cold and stern.

You are someone I can be with
This I know deep in my heart.
I know your love can help to heal me
And can make my fears depart.

Please my love, don't go away,
We've come too far to give up now.
If you will show me how to love you
I will please you, this I vow.

You see, I've learned that pent up hurts
Can cripple and destroy a heart,
Like prison walls and heavy chains,
They keep love out right from the start.

I've learned this lesson very well,
And I'm ready to be free.
Please my love, if you will help me
We'll be happy, this you'll see.

Teach me how to love you better,
Teach me love is kind and true.
Teach me how to love completely
And let me give my love to you.

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