Sibling Silence when Adult Siblings are Estranged

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"Sibling Silence when Adult Siblings are Estranged"
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There are many occasions when siblings become angry with one another. There are times when siblings disagree, argue and even resort to physical confrontations with one another. Most, will say that these are normal interactions between siblings that haven't reached the threshold of adulthood. Consequently, growth is a part of change. Differences of opinions occur because of this inevitable change. Adult siblings should have the ability to resolve conflicts and avoid estrangements by engaging in effective communication and relying on their mutual bond as siblings. Yet, what happens when adult siblings are estranged? 

Estrangement between adult siblings  may eventually destroy an entire family.These estrangements may occur for a variety of reasons.Strangely, enough a death in the family may cause buried hostile emotions to erupt. Adult siblings may become estranged  over their birth order or standing in their family.The oldest sibling may feel they have the right to make important decisions concerning the family estate and also the care of their elder parents. Arguments may ensue over a plethora of family issues. 

Adult siblings may add their parents, aunt and uncles and even grandparents to this confusion. In essence, this sibling estrangement causes a great divide within the family unit. Some siblings may avoid contact with their family members entirely.The estranged sibling may be looked upon as the proverbial,"black sheep" of the family.

Once these family ties are severed. It is very difficult to restore this integral sibling bond.However,even this unfortunate family dynamic can be remedied.There are ways to reconnect siblings. Some families may enlist the help of the matriarch or patriarch of the family to resolve these painful family matters and restore communication,respect and love to the family unit. Counseling and pastoral reflections may also help to reestablish the sibling bond.

Siblings have a lot in common. Siblings share history,parents and a bond that is like no other bond. Imagine, these bonds can be broken with harsh words and misunderstandings. The truth of the matter, is a sibling bond can never be broken. 

So if you ever make the decision to sever the ties with your siblings or stop speaking to them. Take a moment to reflect and imagine how your life would be without them. Surely, that would be a sobering moment.

When all else fails. It's good to rely on prayer. Because, it has been said,"a family that prays together,stays together."

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