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Mr. Monty

The classroom was a mess. The desk at the front in front of the large blackboard was covered in papers piled to toppling. The only evidence that there was a teacher around was a freshly half-eaten McMuffin that sat on a pile of books. The bell rang and large group of students piled into the classroom. The teacher looked up from his desk and saw that class was about to begin but he had forgotten his lesson in in the teacher's lounge. After greeting a few students he left in a flash down the crowded corridor bumping into doors, lockers, and an occasional cup of coffee. He dashed passed a wet floor sign and slid into the doorway of the lounge. He grabbed his planner, which was as messy as his desk, and returned to his classroom late as always.
"Hey Mr. Monty." greeted a boy with sunglasses right in front.
"Mike" Mr. Monty started. "Take off the glasses and hat."
He put the planner down on the desk and a pile of papers and red pens fell to the floor. A number of students sniggered but only one stopped to help. It was a small girl with short but curly hair and beautiful blue eyes.
"Thank you Hannah." Mr. Monty said as he straightened himself up. "Today, we're going to take a look at the differences between bases and solutions."
"I have a solution!" cried Mike. "Let's ditch this class."
Everyone started laughing again. There were two guys sitting next to Mike. Their names were Thomas and Levi. The both of them were always by Mike's side, laughing at whatever he had to say or do no matter how idiotic.
"Mike!" Mr. Monty said in a slight but firm tone. "Be quiet. This is a good day to pay attention." he took a deep breath and continued. "Two bases make a solution."
"Stop!" a girl near the middle shouted interrupting for the second time.
"What is it Michelle?" asked Mr. Monty.
Michelle was a young latin girl with long silky beautiful hair down to her waist. She was outgoing but was usually better then Mike when it came to class discussions but had a hard time with not talking while the teacher was giving a lecture.
"Johnny keeps messing with me! Tell him to stop." she replied in a mock whining tone.
"John." sighed Mr. Monty. "Pay attention. And Michelle why don't you move ever here?"
"But I like this spot Mr. Monty. I can see the best here."
"Well alright. Just don't full around anymore. Now where was I?.. Oh yeah! Two bases make a solution. Today we're going to look at all of the possible solutions that we can make with a set of bases. Now its very important that you read the lab hand-out carefully because if you make the wrong solution it will end up being a big mess. The other classes"
Just then a slew of paper balls went flying through the air in all directions.
"Stop it!" he shouted. "Mike stop talking. Michelle put the cell phone away. Johnny stop throwing paper. Everyone pay attention" There was a short silence. "Now. I want everyone to come up here, grab a hand out, and go back to your seats."
"What about lab partners?" Mike asked.
"I'll pick em today."
"But we wanna pick!" said Michelle still texting with her cell phone.
"For the last time Michelle. Put the phone away!"
Mr. Monty grabbed the attendance sheet and began directing students to their assigned lab stations by their positions on the list.
"I gave us two days for this experiment. The other classes did well today and got pretty far. You're going to be on your own for the most part but I'm still going to give you instructions at the begging of the class and sometimes in the midst of things."
When everyone had their partners Mr. Monty was ready to begin the second part of the lab. He started to hand out the chemicals as the noise level started to rise. However, he didn't notice because of the careful attention he was paying to proper measurements. Things started getting so loud that the teacher from across the hall shut their door loudly.
There was some commotion starting with Mike. He didn't want to work with his partner and made it very vocal. He wondered over to other stations where his good friends had gone. Apparently, splitting up "the crew" didn't help the class stay focused.
"Mike, go back to your seat. I'm trying to get things started."
After everyone had their supplies it was time for the experiment to begin. Lab goggles and smocks went on accept for Johnny whom had his on backwards in an attempt to get Michelle's attention yet again. Mr. Monty scolded him and told Mike to, once again, to return to his station.
Midway through the lab, questions started popping up all over. Some answers very obviously placed in bold type on the hand out. This was a very common occurrence for this fifth period class. Everything seemed well until Hannah started to become bothered with so many other students not knowing what to do. Mr. Monty noticed and told the class to read everything carefully but soon disaster reared it ugly face. Due to horseplay several beakers were dropped and many experiments failed miserably.
"Mr. Monty!" cried Mike in frustration. "My thing isn't right. I need more of the blue stuff."
Mr. Monty wondered by Mike's station and saw how far behind he was and how many chemicals he had wasted. Thomas' station was even worse. He had successfully created the one chemical that everyone was told not to make several time. It was an acid that could not be mixed with any other substance. Granted there were no explosions only very few groups made it far enough to be able to finish the next day. It was almost time for class to end and Mr. Monty knew that clean up was going to be even worse then the lab itself. Mike, Thomas, Johnny, Michelle, and Levi somehow found a way to make things as entertaining as possible. It seemed as if their goal was to make people laugh no matter what the cost. First they used too many paper towels and soap. Some even got on the floor. They pushed, shoved, and splashed everything making another mess. Finally at the end, when everyone was finished cleaning, Mike thought that it would be a good idea to scar Michelle with the blue chemical. As he crept up behind her she turned by accident and swatted the petree dish out of his hand. It landed on Hannah's white hoodie which was placed on her desk. Luckily for them no one saw it happen. They picked up the dish and hurriedly washed and put it away and sat in their seats. When Hannah returned a look of sad anger came over her.
"What the hell!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. This was no where near any of the labs! Who did this!"
The whole class became silent. This was unexpected from Hannah because she was a very meek person whom never seemed to get angry over anything. But this seemed to be the final straw! Mr. Monty came over and looked at the hoodie and became very angry himself.
"Who did this!" He shouted. "Never mind! I don't even have to guess! I've had enough! This is the worst class I have! Aside from the few students that actually do work and you know who you are! Thanks to all of you that thought it would be a good idea to play around all class, we've been set back at least two days. Those of you that did the work can leave when the bell rings. Hannah, Michelle, Mike, Levi, and Thomas I want you all to stay behind.
The bell rang and everyone filed out quietly. The students sat in their seats. Hannah's eyes were filling with tears.
"This is the worst thing any of you have ever done!" Mr. Monty shouted as he slammed the door.
"It's not like she can't just buy a new one." said Mike.
"Yeah. I see those all the time in Target." chimed Michelle.
"That was a present from my father!" yelled Hannah. "He gave it to me before he left to Iraq." tears rolled down her cheeks. "It had an inscription on the inside and I can't even read it now because that stuff bled through."
"Just use bleach." added Levi.
"That won't work." Mr. Monty continued. "This stuff is permanent! Believe me, I know." "We're sorry." Mike said.
Hannah left the room in tears.
"All of you are going to have in school suspension. I've had enough of your playing around during class."
Not another word was shared between them as they started leaving the room. Mr. Monty stilled looked steamed. Mike was the last one to leave. He looked at Mr. Monty one last time but couldn't bring himself to apologize and slowly walked out the door.

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