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It was a cool night, with just a slight breeze in the air. It was closing time at the at the little lunchenette and Cassie could not wait to meet her boyfriend Scott at the movie theater. As she cleaned up the lunchenette careful not to mess up her hair that was done perfect. Her black hair curled around towards her face with the sides pulled back up in a barrette her makeup done slightly showing off her cheek bones and her 5 foot 5 frame body 115 pounds. There was one thing left to do before going to the theater as she took the garbage out she felt a chill run through her she started walking faster, the theater was just up the block from the lunchenette divided by an empty lot. Cassie could'nt help feel that she was not alone. Who's there? Scott is that you thinking he was going to walk with her to the movies rather than meet her.

Scott!, Cassie started walking faster almost in a running sprint not aware of where she was almost ran into her boyfriend. Scott was 5 foot 7 about 140 pounds with black curly short hair. Hey slow down baby! Scott i'm so glad to see you. Baby you look like you saw a guost. I'm fine I just could'nt wait to see you she replied almost out of breathe. I'm happy to hear that as he bent down to give her a gentle kiss. As they watched the movie her mind wondered, thinking how lucky she was to have such a wonderful guy. the way he spoiled her and held her close always made her feel safe from the world. As the movie came to an end Cassie snapped back to reality, thanks for the movie. Anytime baby, anytime. So are you hungry would you like to get some food? Not tonight Scott I'm pretty tired, and I worked all day at the lunchenette. Some other day then baby. You want me to walk you back to your car it is kinda late? Sure. As they walked towards the lunchenette Cassie could'nt help but wonder who was the person following her earlier tonight. Say baby you okay you look like your million miles away. I'm just tired is all. They approach her car and Scott leans over to give her a kiss I will call you tomorrow baby. Okay see you later. Scott heads bck towards the movie theater as Cassie watches till he is in the distance far away. She proceeds to unlock her car.

As she attempts to open the door she is attacked from behind, pushed up agaisnt the door, as a deep husky voice stated you scream I'll kill you a man in a black ski mask presed agaisnt her. Now i'm going remove my hand from your mouth and I want you to open the door. Through tears she opened the door, take all the money I have please don't hurt me. Get in the car and don't try anything stupid. She slid over to the passager side as the guy got in. Give me the keys. She handed over the keys he started the car and started driving. What do you want? He proceeded to drive wthout answering her. Please let me go you can have my car, my money please don't hurt me. Still no response, about ten minutes later he turned into a vacant feild out in the middle of nowhere. I don't want your car and I don't want your money. To scared to move she asked What do you want? He turned to look at her and said I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do. I want you to get out of the car. Thinking she was being set free she started reaching for the door handle. From this side he added and don't think about runing. She slid over to the driver seat and he grabbed her arm. Now stand by the back door. Turn around face the door now. He came up from behind her grabbing her hands and tieing them up with rope. He opened the door and sat her down. He started taunting her. I like your legs as he ran his hands up and down, so smoothe. She started to cry, please don't let me go. Ignoring her plea he continued. I have been watching you for so long, the way you walked and the way you looked everyday turned me on. Please stop! Still ignoring her pleas he layed her down on the seat and tied her hands to the door. Let me show you a good time he said. She got some strength and kicked him away trying to free her hands. Making him more angry he grabbed her legs and reached down and slapped her acroos the face. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, looking down at her skirt he ran his hand underneath. Stop! PLease NO! she pleaded with him. He reached her panties and proceeded to pull them off. You smell so good. PLEASE NO! He ran his hand up her leg reaching the point he desired. PLease she begged him please stop she said between tears. You feel so good and smell wonderful, One hand on her and the other hand trying to free himself from his pants. Just then she felt a push from his hand inside her. PLEASE NOOOOO! He managed to free himself, and took more control over her than before ripping off her skirt she ware and tearing open her shirt exposing her bare body. NNOOOOOOOOOO! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! There is nobody around for miles sweethaert don't scream anymore, placing one hand over her mouth and guiding himself with the other. She tried fighting but his weight was heavy, and before she knew it he was inside her having is way with her. She bit his hand and tried kicking him but he got heavier, slapped her again so hard this time she could not even move.

It seemed like forever as she screamed as loud as she could hoping beyond hope someone would hear her. As he was nearing the end of his pleasure he looked at her and with heavy breathing you tell anybody I'll kill you. She felt him moving faster which seemed like forever before he gave out and moan and tightened after he was finished he got dressed and left her there tied to the car and naked. She managed to free herself and find her clothes and closed the car door and locked all the doors and crawled to the front seat. She was distraght and violated. She was numb as she started the car and started driving. Her clothes torn. Her eyes red from crying and a soar throat from screming. She managed to reach her home not knowing how, The neighbors were gone. Thank god she thought as she hurried inside her home before anyone saw her. She got in the shower and scrubbed so hard she thought her skin would come off. She crawled into bed and hid under the covers hoping to wake from a really bad nightmare.
Cassie woke up feeling sore all over, she managed to crawl out of her bed and into the bathroom, her face was swollen seeing her clothes laying on the bathroom floor all torn she became sick to her stomache. After throwing up a few times ahe crawled back into bed. Just then the phone rang, she remembered Scott was going to call her. How would he be able to look at her the same way again. She did'nt answer the phone a few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Cassie are you home! It was Scott she tried cleaning herself up as best she could. She opened the door, seeing Scott standing there she could not help but to run into his arms and just stay there forever away from the world around her

Heay what's wrong baby, are you feeling okay? No, please stay with me. What happened? Feeling the knot in her stomache she did'nt know how he would feel about her and if he would leave and think less of her, breaking down she knew she had to say everyting. As she told her story the concerned look on his face was enough to see he was not going anywhere. I'm so sorry baby he said as he started to cry with her I wish I would have waited for you to get in you car. It's not your fault you did'nt know. A huge weight was lifted as she told her story, months went by and Scott was always there for her. Even through her nightmares which have become less and her crying out of the blue, he was there just to hold and comfort her and she was beginning to feel safe again as she missed that and as the months went by the police caught the man who attacked her for one person came forward and put him away which made her feel at ease, for he left her tied to the car door as well.
As time went on she started enjoying her life again with Scott they even became engaged and moved in together. He would never let her walk alone ever again, for in his own way he felt responsible for what happened. Even though the event from that night will always remain in her mind Cassie is on the road to recovery and is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with a wonderful man.

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