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Aliens In My Backyard

One night a bright light fell from the sky and landed near my back yard. I saw it myself. At first I hid under my bed. Then came out when nothing happened.
In the morning I told my mother about the light. She said, "That's nice, dear," and went on stirring the oatmeal.
After breakfast, I ran into the yard. There must be a crater or something, I thought. But everything was normal.
Then I walked down to the creek behind my house. And that is where I found it.
Sitting on the muddy creek bottom was a spaceship. It was nothing like the Space Shuttle, or the Apollo rockets. This spaceship was round and silver. It had windows around the middle, like a belt, and three landing gear stuck in the mud.
I have to admit, I ran home scared.
"Mom, come quick," I shouted. "A spaceship is stuck in the creek."
"You've been watching too many science fiction movies," she said. "Go outside and play."
I played in the back yard for the rest of the day and tried to forget about the spaceship. Maybe my mother was right. I did have an active imagination.
Then that night I saw it again.
Just before going to sleep, I looked out my bedroom window. The trees around the creek are pretty thick, so I could not really see anything, except, a pulsing red light. The spaceship was real.
The next day I walked back down to the creek for another look. There it was. The same as yesterday. Almost.
Now, a little man with three fingers on each hand walked around the spaceship. He was shaking his head and pointing a long finger at the landing gear stuck in the mud.
He looked angry.
I was about to run for help when the space traveller saw me.
"Come here, Earthling," the alien said, and pointed at me.
"Who, me?" I said.
"No, the man in the moon," the alien said.
Slowly I stumbled across the muddy creek bottom. There was a low hum coming from the spaceship. I think it was preparing to lift off.
"Don't be frightened," the alien said. "I need your help."
"How can I help you?" I stammered. I leaned against one of the stuck landing gear, acting as if talking with aliens was an everyday thing.
"Do you have a shovel I could borrow? It seems the engineers at my home planet did not make arrangements for getting stuck in earth mud."
I nodded my head. "Be right back."
I ran up the small hill to my house and raced into the garage.
"Hey, what's the hurry?" my father asked.
"There's a spaceship stuck in the creek. They need a shovel."
"Oh, alright," my father said. "Just be sure and bring my shovel back."
Parents are the greatest. The more sensational the story, the more they ignore you. Who would believe some kid jabbering about a spaceship in his backyard? I could barely believe it myself.
"I'm back," I shouted.
The space traveller grasped the shovel with one hand and tried to dig. I could tell he did not know what he was doing.
"Let me," I said.
Several minutes later the loose gravel and sticky clay was clear of the landing gear's pods. The alien smiled, then removed a gold colored medallion from his neck and slipped it over my head.
"Take this gift as a token of my people's appreciation. We had planned to destroy this planet. But I can see it is full of polite young people. This planet has a long and healthy future."
At least that's what I think he said. Anyway, he jumped in his ship and left me standing there, knee deep in the mud and late for lunch.
When I got home I showed the medallion to my mother and told her about the spaceship.
"That's nice, dear," she said. "Get washed up for lunch. You're late."
Let me be the first to say that I'm not the brightest kid on the block. But it finally hit me later that night.
I had just spent nearly an hour with an alien, who spoke perfect English, and I had not asked a single question about life, the universe, or how to get along with my sister.
I promise. The next time a spaceship lands in my backyard, I'm going to ask questions like: Do you have to take baths in space? What kind of vegetables do kids have to eat on your planet? and, Who's going to win the World Series next year?
I'd want answers to everything a kid needs to know to survive these days. And believe me, that's a lot of questions.

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