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Rhymes about Sneezing

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Rhymes about sneezing,
such an odd thing to choose,
but I'll give it a go,
I've got nothin' to lose!

It shouldn't be hard
since my own nose is stuffy,
I'll just grab me a tissue
all nice and fluffy.

Now I'm ready to write
or at least give it a shot,
I'll give it my all
everything that I've got.

A bit over the top?
I know, it sounds so cheesy,
but that's what ya get
from a poet who's sneezy!

So . . .

Someone has asked
for a rhyme about

Sometimes it's strange
what people find

A nose is a nose
stuffed up
or runny

Sneezing's no fun
but sometimes it's

Everyone sniffles
and sneezes
and blows

It's a fact of life
for we all have
a nose!

Now If you must sneeze
use a tissue and

Cover your nose
so I don't catch
your sneeze!

And . . .

There once was a boy
who started to sneeze,
he acchoed so hard
he fell to his knees!
Someone please help,
I can't stop them from coming,
please hand me a tissue
for my poor nose is running!
Tissue in hand
he rose to his feet,
his nose was so red
it looked like a beet.
I'm tired of sneezing
he solemnly said
then he shuffled on home
and jumped into bed.

And still . . .

Another rhyme about sneezes
I must try to write,
it's getting quite hard,
I may be here all night!

Now then . . .

Something is making
my dear darling stuffy,
his nose is all red
and his eyes are all puffy.
He doesn't look good
in fact he looks bad,
seeing him this way
is making me sad.
I don't know what's wrong
What could it be?
He's allergic to me!

Whew . . .

I'll write just one more
and then I am done,
all this talk about
sneezing has been kinda fun.

Umm . . .

I once had a kitten
Her name was fluffy
she was sweet and cute
but she made me stuffy
I begged to keep her
I even said please
but mom said no way
she is making you sneeze
I cried and I cried
I'd so miss her purr
so I found the shears
and cut off her fur
Now her name is not fluffy
it didn't seem fitting
it's just not the best name
for a sweet hairless kitty!

Finis ~ Gesundheit!


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