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While children and younger adults face death and aging with terror, senior citizens remain composed. They have experienced more than half a decade of hardships, tears, deaths, love, people, relationships and all the beautiful facets of life. They realize life isn't truly composed of dreams and successes as younger people believe it to be. After that particular dream is achieved, a human's body will deteriorate and shrink until it is no more. Knowing this inevitable truth, they are appreciative on small things and value relationships with friends and interactions with people.

Sometimes senior citizens may act like little children. Within, they are lonely and wish for the greater responsibilities and duties they had when they were younger. They may feel unneeded or burdensome to their sons and daughters.

At church, senior citizens sit together at their own tables and chatter away about their past week. They'll take turns and boast about how bright their grandchildren are. Sometimes when theyre in physical pain they wish to be called to leave the world.

I see my grandmother every Sunday and shortly stop by her senior citizen apartment. She tells me that I am not her granddaughter but I am a pot of gold she can't possibly look at. Before I leave, she asks me to call her when I am not busy during the school week. I tell her I will call during the week and I walk to the elevator and she's still standing outside her room door smiling. I didn't call during the week because I was too busy. My grandmother asks me if she annoys me or if I am irritated by her inquiries. She asks me if I am that busy, unable to spare a few seconds to chat with her during the week.

I realized I've absolutely done nothing for my grandmother. I started to see my grandmother as just another feeble elderly person begging their children to accept them. When I was a child, my grandmother tied my hair, washed my clothes, prepared my food, walked me to school, told me folktales, prayed with me and loved me just as much as she does now. For my brother and my father, she had done the same things. I cried because she used to be a person I've greatly relied on for love and support. Yet now I act like I know much more and become irritated when she does not understand my simple explanations. When did she become so old?

We may get aggravated at how dumb senior citizens can be or how burdensome they may be to the rest of the family. But, eventually we will all age like them. What hurts me the most is the amount of pain my grandmother had to endure her entire life yet never received much back. She told me once that there isn't enough time to become angry about the things she deserves. She continues to call me gold pot in front of her friends in public along with a huge grin.

Senior citizens cannot enjoy many of the things the younger generation tends to enjoy. Obviously due to their physical state, often they're not able to view the outside world, nature, the city and life as a whole. They merely need help from younger people, to emerge out of their self-proclaimed unwanted states and live life. Life is precious, regardless of age. Senior citizens must live life without having to sense solitude. Yet the rates of senior citizens' deaths due to loneliness seemingly increase annually many being suicides.

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