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Making a difference. We all do it everyday, without giving much thought to it. However, making a difference for the good is another thing entirely. This involves much thought as well as a look at what we stand for and believe in. To make a difference for the good, we must be on the right side to start with.

Many think that they alone cannot make a difference, but they are wrong. History is overflowing with examples of how one person made a difference. Look at Jesus, and what a change He made. It does not matter if you believe in Him or not, you have to admit that He altered the world we live in.

Another perns who made a big difference was the woman at the well in Samaria. The story can be found in John 4:4-42. She had a great influence on her whole town. You too can make a difference if you are consistent in your life. That is to say, if your actions and words match and do not change day to day. You make a difference by "setting an example." We all have opinions and beliefs, but they are pretty much useless if we do not act on them. "How do we act on them?" you may ask, well there are endless ways.

If you believe it is wrong to gossip, refuse to do it and refuse to listen to it. If you believe crude humor and jokes are un-Christ-like, then when someone tells an ugly joke, even if you are in a group,  do not laugh, do not smile, do not make a scene, look horrified, or tell them that it is wrong to do this. Just do nothing.

This is not a passive thing. It is active in as much as you refuse to do that which is expected of you. Your actions do not condemn them, only what they have done. You don't have to try and force your way on anyone, but neither will you be having the ways of others forced on you, not even to fit in.

It is each of us, either bending to peer pressure or resisting it, that sets the standard for what is socially correct behavior. In our quest to be loved, liked, accepted and admired, we tend to go along with the crowd, trying to fit in with people who hold tremendously different goals and ideals, even when what the crowd is doing makes us uncomfortable.

After a while, we become desensitized to things that we once might have recoiled from in horror. We become a shell of who we really are, filled with the essence of others. And we are adults! Think how hard it is for our children in school.

So, can you make a difference? I say you can, but first you must make up your mind where it is you are going and then stay that path no matter what. Never compromise what you are about because it is unpopular or hard to do. If it is right today, it will be right tomorrow, no matter what else changes.

One more thought; in your lifetime, you may not see the changes you helped make. It is like planting a seed; it does not sprout or grow to maturity over night. Nevertheless, be content in knowing you have done the right thing. You have helped make it easier for the next person who travels that path. In other words, you have made a difference.

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