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My Best friend is me..

I am the queen of my empire
the queen of what i do
I am the master of my own thoughts
the reallity as my dreams come true.

I am the rythum of my private steps
the lover of my sleeping spirit
I am the cadence of my every word
I compose my own songs, can you hear it?
I am my own flawless inspiration
the movement within my every stride
I am my own confidence, my ignited selfish pride.

I am the inner voice inside my heart
the conscience of my soul
the uplifter of my own head
my warmthe when i am cold.

I recognize my strengths without strife
i paint my own customized colors
on the blank canvas of my life.

To this end i find...
I will not be cruel, untrue or unkind
I will not downplay my own mind
I will not hate what i see
i will embrace just being free

I will always and forever know
that my best friend... is me

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