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I am flawless while being flawed.
I am understood to be misunderstood.
I am right at being wrong.
And, I am very good at being bad,
which means the same thing in reverse.

I am absolutely nothing.
I am full of emptiness.
I do not think therefore I am not.
And, I am very bad at being good,
which means the same thing in reverse.

I am too old to be living like a kid.
I am too young to be worrying like an old man.
I am screwed up, just enough to be normal.
And, I am moderately okay with my indecision.
which is repeatedly redundant.

I am lost in the heat of battle.
I am heated in the loss of love.
I am exhausting all measures of fatigue.
And, I speak without using words.
which is exciting to even contemplate.

I am the greatest insignificance.
I am the dismal triumph.
I am the victor and the spoils.
And, I have no idea who I belong to.
which is just fine in my book.

I am the face in the mirror.
I am amused that he thinks he is me.
I am lost in the woods with a map scrawled on paper.
And, I am the wax and I am the bee.
which is unspoiling even to you honey.

I am the fortune that gives to the poor man.
I am the rich man's beggars and thieves.
I am the honesty caged up somewhere in your numerous lies.
And, I am the deceit that invariably gets things done.
which is how it always is.

I am the puzzle that has no solution.
I am the game that can not be played.
I am carried away by the wind in the evening.
And, I am also the bright sunny day.
which is par for the course.

I am suffering deep in the third world.
I am the giant that runs everything.
I am the work, worker, and tool.
And, most laboriously that which is to be made.
which is the same thing but completely different.

I am imperfection at it's finest.
I am the grain of the sand in the beach.
I am concept, emotion, and dreaming.
And, incidentally, I am also the sleep.
which is enough to bore you to tears.

I am fixed to be broken by mad hands.
I am wrought with the fears of my peers.
I am tired of feeling the sadness.
And, it won't lighten up in my years.
which is completely understandable.

I am the book and the reader for an author I was.
I am pushed into ink by the pen.
I am sin that is born out of goodness.
And, I am goodness that is born out of sin.
which is moderately biblical.

I am human, a virus, a catastrophe.
I am light in a vacuum tube t.v.
I am brought up the hill in the winter.
And, I sprout from the valley in spring.
which is all that I want to say about this.

Hey, I am not perfect and neither are you
the trick to this life is not just to slide through
It's to arrive at the place that will be your demise
with as much of the past as you can summarize
into one complete memory
and that then and there...will be perfect.

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