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Poetry Losing Custody

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"Poetry Losing Custody"
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My children loved me till my wife cheated,

our relationship was really strong,

now from their lives I've been deleted,

why when I've done nothing wrong.

When I went to court to gain access,

I was made to feel  I was to blame,

Yet I wasn't the one to transgress,

why should I be made to feel shame.

They'd be better off with their Mother,

that's what the experts say is the rule,

as parents they are like no other,

whoever said that is a fool.

No account was taken of her cheating,

or that her marriage vows were a lie,

my appearance in court was quite fleeting,

it was over before I could ask why.

I've to pay for my kids I no longer see,

if it wasn't so sick it'd be funny,

I don't mind paying but between you and me,

my children won't see any money.

Fathers are nothing but sperm banks,

in courts they are treated like dirt,

they are run by a bunch of inept cranks,

who think Dads don't feel any hurt.

The children are poisoned against their dad,

the Mother will then change their name,

what really drives a Father mad,

is to some it's all a sick game.

They're then branded with the title of deadbeat,

then into obscurity they will fade,

this is all caused by a lying cheat,

who every week still expects to be paid.

The pressure then becomes so hard to bear,

he will lose the will to live on,

society will say he just doesn't care,

no-one will notice when he's gone.

Friends will say the kids will find out,

when they know they will come back to you,

though they're trying to be kind I just want to shout,

those missed years I cannot undo.

Fathers are not those uncaring scum,

they have feelings which are just as strong,

society's attitude is really dumb, 

the way we are treated is so wrong.

Decent Fathers are being attacked,

by social services and courts we're outdone,

we are treated as scum that is a fact,

''  We're In A Battle

  That Cannot Be Won"

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