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Poetry Lipstick

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"Poetry Lipstick"
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It began with Eve's pucker
Her lips stained with berries
Today we glide on Raisin, Corvette red
And glossy Hawaiian Punch Cherry

O, what is life without its glamour?
Or survival without its glimmer?
Make it work all day, make it last all night
We are naught without its shimmer

Revlon, Bonnie Bell, Allmay
Jane, CoverGirl and Maybelline
Shades of wine and roses
To the make up counter call me

Don't want it to clump or cake
Or to kiss off fast
Don't want it to smear my teeth
Or mark my cocktail glass

But should my sweetheart go astray
I'll pay its makers all top dollar
For a lipstick that only comes off
On a two timing lover's collar

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