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What can I say...I'm just me.... and all that entails: Loving, compassionate, affectionate and gentle. Creative, eclectic, uncommon, sometimes mental. Devoted and faithful yet full of suspense. Loud, animated, dramatic, intense. Insightful, discerning, perceptive, astute. Been told I'm sexy and I think I'm pretty Cute. Absorbed, obsessive, and controlling a bit. Smart, clever, classy, and full of wit. Seductive, engaging, alluring, flirty. A little bit older but I look under thirty. Sometimes I'm lazy, opinionated, grumpy, and mean. Not Big, Not small, not short, not tall but somewhere in between. Guarded, and apprehensive yet vulnerable and naive. I have beautiful hair but I will wear a weave. Unsuspecting, unassuming but superstitious if that makes sense. Can be reserved yet full of immense personality. What can I say Im just Me...

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