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Poetry Heart Attack

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This is a poem I have written following the loss of many friends and relatives to the dreaded heart attack problem that is so rife these days.

A cautionary tale of heart attack.

The blood-flow through the arteries like rivers full of life,
Carry within their walls the blood that keeps a heartbeat strong,
Deterred for moments, as a pain as sharp as any knife,
Threatens a body's usefulness, and makes it all go wrong.

The furring of the arteries, of walls so dry and thick,
That blood-flow's stemmed so much that blood stagnates,
Can't be undone by miracles, or scientific trick,
But is followed by a heart attack, that only God dictates.

That pain that talks within your chest is asking you to heed,
All the warnings of cholesterol reduction,
Though the foolish human shuts his mind and entertains his greed,
Til the arteries cannot support the suction.

Could we have saved our arteries from early death and blocking,
With a little bit of caution and respect?
Do we ever really realize the fats that we are stocking ?
Or the lives we leave behind us that were wrecked.

The moral to the story comes as clear as white and black,
Though we fail to see the warning signs, and yet,
Will risk our very being to an early heart attack,
For the sake of that last cake or cigarette.

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