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"Warm Gloves With Love"

I found this woman's glove the other day. It was in the church. Where I had attended.
It wasn't very big nor very small, a medium size I supposed. It was blue and looked very warm.
I was about to leave it. But I thought maybe, I should take it to the office staff. Maybe,
I should asked if someone had left it behind. When I asked the secretary about it;
she had no idea who it belong too. Neither did the other people, that I had asked.
All of them had been very kind to me. So, I decided to leave it in the lost and found box.
Whoever had lost it could find it right in there. So, that is what I did.

As I was about to leave, for an extremely busy day, I saw an elderly woman on her bended knees. She looked. As if, she had lost something. Maybe, something of value, at least it would have been to her. I went back into the church. I bent down. To ask her if she lost something. Or if I could help out in anyway. She looked at me. She just shook her head no.
She had started to stand up. But had lost her balance. I had grabbed her arm. So that, she hadn't fallen down.

She told me, she had lost something very special to her. Something, someone had given her. She had looked all around town. But she had not found it anywhere. So she had thought,
she come here to have looked. She had nothing else to lose. She and I sat down on a church pew with no one else around. She had begun her story:

"It was the winter. It was the time, I was just a young bride. My husband was a service man. We were just married. When the war called for him. I was terrified! I thought I would
never see him again. Then on top of that, dear, I had no family around. I was alone in a war that had just began. So, when he left. He had given me these gloves. They weren't
my color or size. But I loved them because of him. I thought it maybe the last gift of love from him. So that is why, dear, I am here."

I had asked her. What had happened to her husband? She smiled.
" He had came home three years later. I thought I was going out of
my mind; with him home." she had laughed. "But, want to know something, dear,
I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!"

If I had not went to that church. I would not have had the pleasure of finding
that blue glove. One blue glove has changed my life. This little old lady, who I had not known, had taught me a lesson about love and life that day. The lesson was: life is too short without warm gloves.

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