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My brother Andres

 I was in awe of my big brother, jealous because he was out of the chaos.

 The eldest of eight, I felt bad for him, held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

 He held the position of setting the bar for rest of the brood.  My father’s constant

 criticizing, though he thought it was encouragement to achieve more, was never good


 My big brother was a person I never really quite understood. Remembering

 having spent quality time with him growing up.  I remember his wedding day, especially

 his blue Malibu and of course his Doberman “Melanche”.   My big brother was always in

 the background watching all of us, giving us guidance even when we didn’t want to hear


It was during one of my darkest moments that my big brother came to my rescue.

He guided me out of the storm to see the light of day.  He came to stand by my side to

support me in my conviction.  I will always be indebted to my big brother for giving me

the ability to see “outside-the-box” regarding family members and to keep moving


During the peak of the storm, I found out that I and my big brother share a lot

more in common than I would have ever expected.  I thank you Lord for giving me such

an awesome big brother.  I love you Andres.

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