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Poetry Beginning a Relationship

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The New Beginning - an acrostic

Three of the chosen ones are merged in love through their soul.
Healing past wounds, cleansing the spirit so that they may know
Eternity through eyes that see as one as three as one.

Nucleas thrive on their energy as it expands and contracts.
Empowered by the desire and love that pain it subtracts
Wrapping itself around the one that are three

Bringing forth a very powerful force to be.
Engergized by each of the one through sharing their essence.
Gradually their subtle grace will seep in like the black resins.
Inter-twining roots of love and compassion through the three,
Necessary to merge with the animals, earth, oceans and trees.
Names and time of the mundane no longer apply
Insignificant are the calendars of Julian that supply
Navigate healing Earth; as unconditional love leads the way
Generously given by the new beginning's light of day.

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