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An Evening's Entertainment with Anorexia

Hello dear,
My how you've grown,
(and I mean, grown).
Step inside,
Hear, let me take your coat,
I'll hang it up.
Pass me your appetite too whilst your at it,
You won't be needing that.

Do come through,
And let me introduce you.
Here's my close friend Ana,
(One to watch she is,
Quiet but clever,
Beautifully thin isn't she?)
This is Mia,
(Not such respectable company as Ana,
But we've been through
Some tough times together,
You can't drop someone just like that
Can you?)
Oh, and over there is the family.
Ignore them,
They're always lying,
Don't listen when they tell you to eat,
That's what they want,
To see you fail,
They're just jealous.
May I excuse myself for a minute.

Now that we're all here,
Would you like to make your way to the dining room,
(Don't worry you won't be having much).
Mia you're by the family,
I'll be sitting in the middle here,
And you Ami can sit next to Ana.
(She's very good company you know).

Could you please watch Ami,
She's new to this game.

Who's for starters then?
Don't worry,
I won't even bother asking you two.
Eat up now.
I'll go and get the main course ready.

Here we are then,
Lots and lots for you Mia,
And the family too,
Got to feed you up now haven't we?
Ana, Ami?
Just steamed veg isn't it?
Good, good,

I thought so,
Can't let you two have too much.
What's that Ana?
You're not hungry?
Don't worry sweetie,
You don't have to have anything.
Why don't you and Ami just chat?
You can go in the other room if you want,
I'll get rid of your plates.
Seconds Mia?
Or straight to desert?
I've got plenty of ice cream and cake for you.

More anyone?
Full yet Mia?
That's fine,
I'll clear the plates.
(My bathroom's the second on the left Mia,
We'll be in the lounge)
Would you like to go through please family.

Well I think that was a good meal,
Even if I say so myself.
I'm proud of you Ana,
(Nice job with Ami,
Keep it up if you can,
I think she could go far).
You did good too Mia,
Perhaps a bit much for my liking,
But then I can't blame you,
We're such good cooks
Aren't we Ana?

Time for entertainment.
Anyone up for a post-dinner jog?
I thought you might be Ana,
You're coming too aren't you Ami?
I knew you would.
Well, don't worry,
I'm sure you'll feel up to it in a bit.
Come on Ami,
You want to work off what you've just eaten
Don't you?
That's ok then.

Still sat down family?
God you're lazy,
Never mind,
Helps us look better
Doesn't it Ana?

I suppose you better be off now Ami.
I hope you've had a good evening,
I'm sure Ana will be in touch with you,
You go so well together.
Well thanks for coming,
Take care,
Loose a bit more
And we'll see you soon.

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