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The Skeleton

The skeleton visited last night in my dreams
It sat before me, strung out on coffee and laxatives
Apologizing yet again for the hurt it caused me.
This time, I hardly listened and felt only annoyance
At seeing it again, old and weak
No strength there that I could see.
It was dead and had no idea.
The skeleton laughed a few times about things we shared in the past
Like how fun it was to not eat when we drank
And how I always ended up with my head in the toilet
Swearing I would never drink again or begging god to kill me.
Fun times.
The skeleton and I
I sat upright before the skeleton, happy that I had a few curves
Happy that my belly was comfortable...not too full...not hungry
Or contorting inside like an angry cat, begging for a morsel.
I knew what the skeleton felt, because I was close to it once.
It smiled at me, but the smile never reached it's sunken eyes
And I knew that the skeleton hated me for being healthy.
Yet yearned for exactly that.
I watched the skeleton play it's game, or at least attempt to
But it's words were mere sounds, like waves on the ocean
I did not attempt to makes sense of them, but only listened to the rythmn.
Then, with a sigh, I stood.
Surprise passed the skeleton's ashen face.
Was I leaving? It asked.
I left a long time ago. I answered.

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