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Yes, I have an Open Mind...

An open mind....Good lord, what can I write about?
I am one of the few people that you will meet,
That truly has an open mind.
I will forgive anyone anything.
I have an open mind about anything sexual.
I love to experiment.
I love to feel....and feel, and feel and feel...
Lets pretend, that we just met.
At a bar.
You come on to me, and I respond.
And I love the way it feels.
Meeting someone new.....A new experience.
Going into a new relationship with an open mind.
Wondering what will happen.
Wondering if that first kiss will blow you away.
Wondering what it will be like if we go to bed.
We must have an open
Because I will picture you...and what you will be like.
Just as you will picture me and what it will be like.
I hope I won't disappoint.
I don't think I will.
But I will keep an open mind.
Until reality sets in....
And reality rears its ugly head.
But, having an open mind, I also think it will be beautiful.
Between you and me.
Lets always hope.
Lets always keep an open mind.......

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