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"Poetry about Gloves Poems on Womens Hands Gloves that do Chores Gloves Mask Senses"
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She wears gloves in the garden

Yanks, and grunts at each rude weed

Leather gloves loading lumber

Snag with splinters, sting and bleed

Sweeping snow off a windshield

Gloves glitter split dawn light

Pulling cobs off a cornfield

She then husks, and hums, at night

Gloves with sudsy bubbles

Shimmer at elbows

Gloves sloshing water on a brush

Shine up the toilet bowls

Your gloves need to come off

These hard working hands

Your warm flesh is human

Your touch it commands

It  yanks and grunts at my respect,

Pulls adore by heaped truckload

At a doorstop smile, upon impact

Where two hands clasp, and hold

Walk away from house toil

Leave boards upon the truck

Let’s stay indoors while snows roil

Leave weeds to pile in muck

Drop our gloves, let them land here

With bare fingers, hold my face

As long as we stand here

Wearing gloves has no place

Naked hands hold our hearts, dear

Warm flesh leaves cool trace

 To keep house gleaming brightly

Hearts must work, and embrace

The most important work we do

Requires neither chore, nor glove

The most important work we do

is bare naked,  touching love

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