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"Personal Growth"
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This is a poem with an Aussie slant

bout personal growth in this wild land,

so I will say  and not recant

how we feel 'bout growth at hand.

Personal growth, my oath that's free,

why all you have to do is to grow,

grow like a strong, desert, mulga tree

and  real personal growth you will know.

For out here in Aussie land we breed em real tough

in the harsh outback not the soft cities,

where its hot as hell, sandy and rough

where the flies swarm and no one pities.

So if you've grown like our aborigines,

the oldest race on the planet,

you will have had to survive using gum trees

and witchetty grubs as well as catching gannet.

Now when you learn from the earth so to speak

your personal growth is long lasting,

but when it's based on man made ideas

it's hollow like religious fasting.

So when personal growth is real and so strong

it has to be bound to survival,

for if it is real it will last for long, long

and mankind will have made the 'arrival'.

The arrival at realising growth is passed on

by the elders of indiginous cultures,

it's not something linked to mere, fickle fashion

but earthy and strong and for futures.

So think long and hard who you want to be

and dont be fooled by peer group pressure,

for real personal growth is for you and for me,

something deeper than just merely leisure.

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