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There are names on a wall only family and friends know.

Names that fade into history as the passing of time shows.

Of 58,195 souls, that’s all that remains.

All that’s left are memories of loss and pain.

One by one people have strolled by for so many years.

Wondering what could have been, as they wipe away the tears.

Would he or she have been a doctor and found a cure for cancer.

They are in God’s hands now and only he knows the answer.

If you ever pass this wall I hope you understand.

The wall is more than just names, that died in a far off land.

It’s the results of fighting a useless ten year war.

That split our nation to it’s very core.

Brave men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice.

They and their families paid to high a price.

Please honor these names as you pass by this wall.

Because they all served when their country called.

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