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Lunatic Peom

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To be considered a lunatic,
The other people say I'm sick
But I don't have a Cough or a cold
To me reality just got old
My special friends inside my head
The horrifying nights I dread
The pills that keep the monsters away
they don't seam to work everyday
Different from the other kids at school
I wanna fit in to be someone cool
Rejected from the student body
I sit with no friends in the hospital lobby
They sent me to a hospital because I got so sick
They tell me that surgery well not fix
They put me in a special room
Padded floors and walls and a light that really gloom
Strap me to a bed when I kick and scream
There after me or so it would seam
My therapist said I'm schizophrenic
He sent me away to a mental clinic
The people there were so nice to me
Through my eyes they try and see
They told me that live a good life I can
Even though I'm insane, they treated me like a human
They helped wash way the pain with some magic soap
And showed me that there is some hope
When it was time for me to leave
They told me about the ridicule ill receive
don't listen to them the doctor would say
They don't understand what you go though in just one day
I was let out to live with my parents
They still don't understand me cant see past there arrogance
My teacher on assignment gave me a later due date
I try and hand it in on time and she said I'm great
I some time don't have to go to class,
When the voice wont leave me alone I get a free hall pass
The other's students were Jealous of my special treatment
They beat me up and teased me even though I was Innocent
The other children were mad at me
I would see if the adults would play with me
But there all afraid of me
The people in my head the only one that would stay with me
But my pills made there company go way
I just wanted some one to stay
I had no friend so on drugs I got hooked
They made the me feel really good about the way I looked
Addicted I would shoot up under the bleachers
I like the labile druggy better then crazy, but not the teachers
They caught me shooting up my heroin
Addictions from every thing from speed to Riddlin.
Rehab is where I'm forced to hang my shame
This life is nothing but gods sick game!
People point and stare at me as if I'm in a zoo
I didn't even have the support of school
I missed the acceptance I found at the mental hospitals.the only place a person like me can win

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