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The Challenged me to write, and even though the thoughts were there

I was afraid the words wouldn't come out of my mouth

see true art needs inspiration

And I feel compelled to shout

that "I haven't been inspired lately"

As a look around I receive meaningless glances

from a world moving all to quick to really care

giving birth to children, not willing to learn the real issues

yet our fate lies in their hands

shoulders to weak to carry the weight of the world

mere spectacles,

still performing in "black face" but unaware

forgive me if I sound negative its just

that "I haven't been inspired lately.

They screamed "free at last"

A black man is president

and I cant help but be fearful

Our nation hasn't risen from beneath the thick blanket of racism

and it makes me tearful

Instead we've become comforted with it

so much that we dont even notice

it removal leaving us exposed

much more so than our apple bottoms showing "Butt cleavage"

exposure of our people as a whole

Forgive me If I sound Negative its just that

I haven't been inspired lately.

See what happened to the kind of men who fought for civil rights

and the women who had their backs

now I see men who fight for rims and cars

and women jockin Cadillac's

when boys rep their "hood"

and not their race.

little girls left with blemished thoughts of men

cause daddy left without a trace.

The thoughts of what this generation could be

brings tears to my eyes

with the young folks we beg and plea but they don't hear our cries

Something has to change

something has to set us free

don't mean to be negative its just

that I haven't been inspired lately

young Malcolm's, and Martins, Rosa, Young Sojourner Truth

reclaim your rightful place in this world

giving up you must refuse

young kings and queens

your legacy you must not lose.

everyday, every step you take

every move you make, seals your fate

see, I beg you help me change my words to

I've been inspired lately

It takes one small step to start a movement

will we continue to stand here dazed and confused

or will we strive for IMPROVEMENT

or should I say DEVELOPMENT

because before we can get BETTER

we got to start OVER

removing all of the negative characteristics that plague our people

encouraging the youth to make the change

otherwise we just produce the sequel

to an UNINSPIRED generation

So I stand before you today

to make this DECLARATION

it only takes one tiny spark of INSPIRATION

to start a movement that could change a nation

so I ask you, what will your step toward ELEVATION

of this GENERATION be?

Ask yourself!

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