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I have often pondered this for some time now. Is it me or did the infamous Girl Scout Cookies get a wee-bit smaller and the price jacked up too much?

My roommate and I have debated over this and I say," I'm sorry. When we were kids growing up our hands were not THAT small where they looked much bigger! Come on!" Go find a girl scout, purchase one box of them and take a look for yourselves!

She actually had purchased a few boxes earlier last month, which is funny that this article came about. I will never understand why I feel the cookies had gotten much smaller, but I swear they shrunk them down, being they are so popular, they know how popular the cookies are and come out once a year, that most of us fixed on a craving for them, and relish for the day they become available for our mass consumption.

Seriously, the cookies got wee smaller and priced hiked up cause they know MANY of us still revert back to childhood, when we ourselves either were in the Brownies, or were a Girl Scout ourselves and sold them, or parents bought them and we had a box of each. In my house Thin Mints were a hit, but my parents bought a box of each, when they were one dollar each! Lord we complained when they went to $1.25 a box! We only got 3 boxes then!

Apparently Thin Mints are their best seller according to statistics. Thin mints should be called TINY MINTS! They looked like a mini York Peppermint Patty. There are about nine varieties of Girl Scout cookies and I have to say I am saddened at the fact they are so much smaller then back in MY day, growing up in the 1970's and the prices are from $2.50 a box on up to $4.00 a box.

Oh sure, purchasing them helps the community, and the Girl Scout council themselves, but I hate the fact you get so few cookies for the price, but then you don't get alot of Oreos either for $3.49, nor does buying store brand help the girls get to camp and learn all the things they learn from being a Girl Scout.

Being they only come out once a year, a bit like Puxatony Phil, the Groundhog....I can say it is well worth buying a box or two. Even for the bit of nostalgia and memories of younger years it brings to you. Always conjures up being a child again opening the box of Girl Scout cookies.

I need to go now, so I can go find a Girl Scout! I am in desperate need of a Do-si-do (Peanut Butter Cookie) and some Samoas (Caramel deLiites) and I will buy SAMOA too!

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