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Garden Creatures #5
This is a "What Am I" Poem
(Educational Stories for Children)

I love music and if wanted I could sing all day.
I don't know any lyrics so I just hum in my own way.
I'm the smallest of my kind and we shine in brilliant colors.
Iridescence shimmering as we dart among the flowers.

I stop to sip nectar from the flowers I see in my travels.
Each time with anticipation as my extremely long tongue unravels.
Some people will say "Look, there it is!" and I'll let them have a peek.
It's no wonder I'm insecure when they say "Look at the length of that beak!"

When people see me happily drinking they just can't get enough.
They usually smile and whisper and say nice things and stuff.
Sometimes it's a tragedy when we fly into glass windows.
I think people should be nice and replace them all with pillows.

I'm not a nasty pest like some of the other garden creatures'
I have some of the finer attributes and well groomed features.
I have a very long tongue that can reach deep down into flowers.
I can keep on flying and flying all day for hours and hours and hours.

I can hover in one spot, dart left and right and even fly in reverse.
Why I'm the only creature of my kind in this entire universe.
You'll never see my wings because they flutter extremely fast.
They never seem to ever stop and I wonder how they last.

It's not that I'm blind and it's not that you're cunning.
But if you move very slowly I won't see you coming.
You see it's not that I couldn't beat you in a race
It's just that my little heart beats at a very fast pace.

With incredible speed and agility I could fly right up to your face.
The very next moment I could be gone so fast I wouldn't leave a trace.
If you don't know what I am by now please don't say a word.
If you do you might scare me off because I'm just a little hummingbird.

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