How Sports Widows can Deal with Husbands Obsessed by TV Sports

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"How Sports Widows can Deal with Husbands Obsessed by TV Sports"
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My husband watches every kind of sports imaginable except basketball. He grew up in a family where everyone had a great love for at least one sport. The living room TV always had some kind of sport on, even ice- skating, golf, and tennis. So, he took it all in and loves every kind of sports.

It's great that he is a well- rounded guy that loves life and has so many interests, but he becomes so completely at one with the television screen that outside life ceases to exist. I am quite literally a sports widow 12 months a year. Okay, make that ten months a year, he doesn't watch basketball.

What can a woman do about her husband's obsession with sports?

Besides jumping up and down in front of the screen or yelling fire and running out of the house, try getting in there with him. Watch some sports with him. I became so interested in hockey by watching the games with him that I enjoy watching hockey with him now, except when he yells at the TV and pounds on the floor. It opened up an entirely new world for myself and when we can afford to go to big time hockey games, we take the entire family and have a great time. Our son is a hockey fanatic now and it has been a great way for my husband and son to bond. And our son has a great way to bond with his Grandparents because they are hockey fanatics too.

What else can a woman do when her man's love for sports takes over his life? Do something on your own. Go out with friends and have a good time. Take the kids to a movie, or a park or for an outing for a couple of hours so your husband can do what he wants. Take up a hobby that interests you such as reading, writing for various websites, painting, or dancing. There are so many things to do that can be of interest to you. Join a workout class when he is watching sports.

Once you become immersed in something that interests you, then he will probably become more interested in you. You won't be nagging him anymore or giving him a hard time for doing what he wants. But, once he realizes that you have gotten your own life, he will miss you not being around. At least, I hope it works it that way. You become more interesting to your husband because you are more interesting. You won't be mad at him anymore and giving him negative feedback. You will be more positive and it is just natural for people to want to be around other people that are happy.

What you can do to drive the point home is to start bringing your friends home to work on a craft together. Join a book club and have several meetings at your home. Drink some wine, have some fun. Maybe he'll realize that you want to have a life too and will try to spend more time with you. If this fails then, ask him out on a date when he isn't watching sports and bring the romance back. That way, you'll both be happy. If all this fails, then try marriage counseling. Last but not least, there's always the very selective electrical failure at your house during sports viewing time.

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