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First Date Poem

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"First Date Poem"
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She appeared to me, dream-like, with red lips,
softly tinted eyes that sparkled in the black night,
holding her neck high beneath an orange scarf that
draped over her shoulders and slightly touched her

She hypnotized me, trance-like, with dark eyes;
I lay back comatose, as if high; I drunk her sweet
and tasted her deep perfume. She said hello and
how do you do? I had no clue, I had no magnificent
plan that would win her over, I had no idea what to

One night that seemed like one minute that was
divided amongst a thousand clocks; she touched
my hand, and two pulses there abide: one half-
dead, the other ten times more alive.
And when he said there will be time, I could not
fathom the dying watch that he watched; we flew
the night away, and dawn could not come too early
to show the light of day:

And she appeared to me, in my highly-devised reality,
with stained lips and blood-shot eyes, holding the
long orange scarf to hide her shame and wrapping it
about the waist and the hips that hid the lies.

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