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You are my heartbeat you keep me alive
If not for your passion I wouldn't survive
A touch from you is what I crave
I've committed myself as forever your slave
My heart is hollow without your desire
Just a passionate kiss is all I require
But that one mere kiss sparks a growing flame
Touch me again and then whisper my name
Take me over the edge into your ecstasy
Give me my death and then set me free

I will come back for more I can't refrain
Without this yearning I would go insane
I press up against you and then I implore
Touch me again and kiss me once more
I can't stop it now it's too late to halt
I have no power against this sensory assault
And once again as the fires ignite
I feel your strength as we reach a new height
Again we cross over into ecstasy
Give me my death, but I refuse to be free

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