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Don’t Walk away

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"Don't Walk away"
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When I tell you that I love you

and I'm pulling on your arm

Don't walk away

when you're slapping at my fingers

'til they're red and kinda warm

Don't walk away

Can't you see these tears a'fallin'

and with all my heart I'm callin'

Please stay, stay, stay

I know why you are going

and my feelings are a'showing

it's hard for me to say

I want you both, so please don't pull

I love you AND my pit bull

don't walk away

I'll just come and see you

at your house, why won't that do?

just say, say, say

Oh, didn't know you had a wife

then, I'll just get on with my life

sic him! Spike!

don't let him

walk away....

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