Brief Encounters with God why God is not Comprehensible but Understood

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"Brief Encounters with God why God is not Comprehensible but Understood"
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“A God that can be understood is no God. Who can explain the Infinite in words?” W. Somerset Maugham

To say that humans can understand the ways of God would be a lie, yet it is still possible to love and be loved by this Deity that so many find unreachable. The Bible states quite plainly that one can have the understanding to know the Lord in Jeremiah 9:24a, but then in Job 36:26 it says that the greatness of God is beyond our understanding.

When Christians begin their walk of faith, one objective is to 'know' the Father God on a deeper and more intimate level. Knowing God goes far beyond simply reading His Word and attending church on a regular basis. It requires time in prayer, study and developing a personal relationship with Christ to start knowing God as a close friend and Savior.

In the same sense, no matter how hard people try to comprehend or analyze who God really is, their ability as the creations, not the Creator, prohibits such deep knowledge and understanding. You will never truly understand how truly great and powerful He is, but at the same time you can draw closer to him on a personal level.

So yes, in a way you understand that God has all the control over everything, and He is the Lover of your soul. He cherishes above all else and desires for people to be drawn closer to him. At the same time, humans and imperfect creatures don't realize how this Perfect Creator is so willing to love such lowly beings.

“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.” ~ Job 37:5 again reiterates that although you may actually see the miracles of our Heavenly Father, you are still unable to comprehend how or why He did it. These concepts are sometimes hard to grasp, and can actually confuse people to the point of frustration.

But the Lord is not a God of confusion, so by believing that, it makes it just a little bit easier to see the importance of this message. He wants to know people in a close, personal relationship, and at the same time wants them to remember that He is God and they are humans. They can love Him, desire to help others through Him, but are not Him.

He is God, they are man. A very simple truth that is often overlooked as being so easy to comprehend, therefore it is irrelevant. In the rush to understand the things of God, it is easy to forget that He is the Creator and some things about Him are not meant to be understood completely. There may come a time when He reveals himself to you on a deeper level, but that is for Him to decide.

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