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A Poem About the Longest Poem in the World
(The Bhagavad Gita)

The Bhagavad Gita
Hindu scripture
Sanskrit epic
The untarnished Word.

Vedic tradition-
Message revealed.
Literary Lord-
Krishna revered.

700 verses
Of manifested truth
Encounters with princes
In their battling youth.

Verses renumbered
By the older scribes
Chanted in temples
By devotees mesmerized.

Time is uncertain
With this poem's date
3000 B.C.E.
Most accurate star date.

Arjuna's confusion
Over fighting his kin
Just one of the dilemmas
As the poem begins.

Where this warrior epic starts
Conflict between Jiva,
Prakrti, Kaala, and the heart.

Knowledge of Yoga
Instinctual at birth
Meditative principle
For peace, souls must unearth.

Harmony and duty
Important precepts
That the struggling Arjuna
Must humbly accept.

Atman-the soul
Immortal, for real
The inner-sanctity needed
For Arjuna to heal.

The body's death-an illusion
Rather, permanent life
Gita's hopeful promise
Ending all Earthly strife.

Transcending his fate,
Arjuna survives
Blessed with the gift
Of supremacy inside.

Sanjaya—a guide
On life's best trod path
The keeper of sanity
In war's aftermath.

Upinishadic beliefs
Highly praised by the sages
And philosophical chiefs.

Vyasa, the author
Of this holy Sruti
Passed down through generations
For the whole world to read!

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