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Best Friend Dog Poem

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"Best Friend Dog Poem"
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My Best Friend for Life

Sure to be by my side

no matter what comes our way.
You look at me with innocent eyes
as though you will be my friend forever,

my best friend in fact.
You keep me warm when it is cold out,
keep me comforted when I am worried
Your innocent eyes and relaxed stance
remind me that life isn't that bad after all.

Your fuzzy ears and bright brown eyes
tell the story of a dog's life.
Your heart shares a glimpse of our lives together.
You are gentle to others, especially children.

Loving, kind and caring to me.
You are my furry best friend, man's best friend...
my dog.
You always will be my best friend.

If you were able to speak, you would be able to tell many
stories of you and I together,
playing, laughing and comforting eachother.

We have a friendship no one can take away.
It is an unspoken pact between us.
My forever best friend, "pretty girl."
My pet and friend for life.

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